A broad-based humanistic curriculum

AWLU students will participate in an innovative curriculum based on a transdisciplinary approach tailored for a regional context and supplemented with effective leadership training. The curriculum exposes students to a broad range of academic courses in the humanities, mathematics, natural and social sciences which will emphasize critical thinking, social entrepreneurship, ethical commitments and global engagement skills. Students in the first and second years may choose courses that broaden their horizons and world-views and instill in them a life-long curiosity and thirst for knowledge, critical ingredients for leadership development. In their third and fourth years, students will select their specializations according to their interests and aptitude. The AWLU is targeted to open soon with an Inaugural Class of 100 students.

A regionally-focused approach with a global vision

Countries and companies now realize that national progress and corporate success can be propelled even further through the inclusion and involvement of well-educated and empowered women. AWLU’s vision is to equip the next generation of women for these roles through unparalleled opportunities for international exposure and practical experience to prepare them for a life of leadership and service. AWLU will build on central characteristics of an internationally diverse and leadership-oriented liberal arts & sciences institution, including the exploration of multiple fields of study, blended learning, smaller class sizes, global immersion and a residential experience—all in an Asian context.


The world needs leaders who can address issues of rising inequality and the urgent need for sustainable growth. Studies by more than 145 foundations show that the empowerment of women is the most effective strategy in addressing social issues like poverty and disease, as well as promoting overall economic growth and equity in communities. Yet, globally, women’s participation in policy and decision making is still lagging. According to the Inter-Parliamentary Union, only three out of 193 countries had a representation of 50% or more women in their national parliaments. In Malaysia, in 2018, only 14.86% of 222 Malaysian Members of Parliament were women while only 18% are Cabinet Members of 2018. Women also made up only 16.2% of board members in all publicly listed companies in Malaysia. Thus, AWLU sees its mission to educate and empower a future generation of women leaders as directly tied to a better future.

An international model of women’s leadership, education and social engagement

Leadership development will be emphasized in all aspects of student experience. The curriculum will foster historical and comparative perspectives, critical thinking and problem solving skills in a variety of learning environments, including classroom, residential settings and internships. The University’s diverse student body will exemplify a common spirit of enterprise and social commitment. Together, the alumnae of AWLU, as the next generation of leaders, will promote positive change at the community, national, regional and global levels.