18 FEBRUARY 2020

Public Forum “Women in Higher Education and Leadership: Is there a Mismatch?”

On Monday February 17th, Institut Wanita Berdaya (IWB) Selangor in collaboration with the Asian Women's Leadership Project Malaysia held a Public Forum entitled Women in Higher Education and Leadership: Is there a Mismatch?

Issues examined includes the reasons behind the mismatch between women's enrolment in higher education, their participation in the labour market and their achievement in leadership positions. Discussions also explored whether universities can effectively teach and provide training for women's leadership, and particularly, whether an all-women's university can make a difference.

The forum also shared the results of an IWB commissioned research project in collaboration with the AWLU Project which examined the viability of a women’s leadership university based in Malaysia and serving the Asian region.

YB Hannah Yeoh, Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development provided the Keynote Speech.

Panelists included Mr Christopher Choong, Deputy Director of Research, Khazanah Research Institute (KRI), Associate Professor Dr. Maznah Mohamad, Head of Malay Studies Department, National University of Singapore and Dato Judy Cheng-Hopkins, former UN Assistant Secretary-General and Steering Committee Member, AWLU Project.

Left: Panelists, Judy Cheng-Hopkins, Maznah Mohamad and Christopher Chong with moderator Kamariah Ahmad Subki

Right: Front row, 2nd from left: Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar, YB Hannah Yeoh, YB Juwariyah Zulkifli and Puan Kamariah Ahmad Subki

Left: YB Hannah Yeoh, Deputy Minister for Women, Family and Community Development delivering her opening address.